Sunday, January 20, 2008

Melting Snow

We don't often get snow here in central North Carolina, so it's a pleasure when we do. It snowed yesterday, and there's delight in watching the flakes swirl down out of the sky to settle softly on surfaces unaccustomed to being painted white. My hair looked like it was full of tiny diamonds, sparkling and ephemeral. Now yesterday's swirl of flakes is being replaced by a steady drip, drip as the sun works its destructive magic and turns the snow to it's basic form, water. Unfortunately, the drought has turned the yard to dirt, and the melting snow is turning the yard to mud. The poor dogs must be hosed off--brrrrr!--before being allowed in.

I should go out and do something productive, like vaccinate the sheep (lambing time draws near) or move hay, but there's something about this day that's just making me feel lazy.

I am ready for spring now, and wish to see lambs having their evening races in the fields. I still have a month to wait, though, before I can expect the first of the world's most adorable babies. In the meantime, there's plenty to do. Lambing pens to get ready, ewes to vaccinate and crutch, supplies to be gathered. So why am I sitting here watching the snow melt?

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