Saturday, February 16, 2008

A PIF Thank You to Becky!

The other day I got home from the vet with my sick kitty (Si is 14 years old and not well, but that's a story for another time). I opened the mailbox to find a package that puzzled me. It was something soft, but I thought to myself, "I haven't ordered anything lately." So I ripped it open, and what did I find inside? Some absolutely gorgeous hand-spun yarn! Not only was it beautifully spun, but it came in my favorite color, green!

And as PIFs tend to work, I was going out with a bunch of girlfriends that night for our semiregular "Girl's Night Out," and so was able to pay my lovely gift forward right away. My neighbor Mary, who knits, and who had just given me a wonderful scarf, came by the house to pick me up. I made Becky's beautiful yarn a gift to Mary, who was absolutely thrilled!

Another friend of ours, LouAnn, was also in the truck. After I had handed Mary her gift, LouAnn turned around and handed me a bag and said, "Choose one that you like." I opened the bag and inside were several hand-knit sweaters, made by a dear friend of LouAnn's and her husband Henry. This friend Kay just passed away from cancer last year. Kay Thomas lived in England, and she and her husband John have had a long friendship with LouAnn Coulter and Henry Kuykendall. Kay knitted sweaters with sheep and border collie themes and had given several to LouAnn, and this was what LouAnn was sharing with us. I chose a sweater that featured a border collie on the chest, with the lower half of the sweater a repeating sheep pattern. I was torn between that one and another that had simply a portrait of a dog on it--her husband John's most famous border collie, International Supreme (1977) winner Craig, but in the end chose the one that also had sheep.

The interesting connection here is that Henry and LouAnn have line bred their dogs back to John Thomas' Craig and Don. My best working dog and the other dogs I have that I like so much workingwise all go back through Henry's lines to Don (and hence Craig). So that connection--my dogs to John's dogs through Henry's lines--makes the sweater that much more special to me.

So thank you, Becky. Your PIF game started a cascade of gift-giving that will likely continue on into the future, for I have no doubt that when Mary uses your yarn, whatever she makes will end up being given as a gift to someone dear to her. And that's what pay it forward is all about, isn't it?


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I have been part of PIF, too, and it has been a wonderful experience. (I guess I shouldn't put that in the past tense!)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Glad you liked the yarn, and I truely hope your friend enjoys knitting with it. That yarn is made from one of the nicest spinning fleeces I have ever come across and although it isn't the softest wool in the fold, it can be made into just about anything.

Julie said...

Hey Michelle and Becky,
I think it's great fun to just give gifts for the sake of giving, so in that sense I've always done a sort of PIF I guess. I just wish I had more time to make things by hand to pass on to friends, but that may have to wait till I'm retired!

Mary loved the yarn. I loved the yarn (but Mary will actually make something from it, LOL!).

Aaargh! Will those lambs never come?