Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The ewes were busy last night

We had something of a disaster last night when Basheer lay down on her newborn lamb and smothered it. Jimmy tried to revive the poor thing (a ewe lamb of ocurse) but it was too late. I wasn't looking forward to going out there this morning and seeing the end result, but bottle in hand (for little Freddy Freeloader aka "little boy") I walked out to the barn. And saw a brown "lump" next to the round pen fence. Apparently Rosie (daughter of Old Girl, and a first timer) had herself a little ewe lamb some time in the early morning hours. The lamb was cold (there was frost on the ground this morning), but otherwise in good shape. It took some time to get her and Rosie up to the jugs (first time mamas are so much fun!). Anyway, as I picked up Rosie's lamb and turned back toward the barn, I saw a tiny little white lamb in the mixing pen. Laura's Hester (so named because she's young--not quite a year--and wasn't meant to be bred, but squeezed through a gate and got herself knocked up by Laura's katahdin ram) had the cutest little ram lamb. She had lambed through the prolapse harness (homemade, following the directions in Ron Parker's The Sheep Book) without any problems. I removed the harness this afternoon after being sure the afterbirth had passed. She's being a great mom, even though she's just a baby herself. Her udder is small, but she's got milk and that little lamb of hers has already proven he's got a good set o' lungs on him.

Here's Rosie's little ewe lamb, still dressed in a sweater to ward of the chill morning:

And here's Hester's little ram lamb:


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Well, I for one am glad to hear you have an ethical vet (it is against the law to dispense Banamine "just to have on hand," although an awful lot of vets do it). My husband won't, either. Besides, the vet puts him/herself at legal risk should a client give Banamine and have an adverse reaction; the vet IS the one that's liable!

Julie said...

Oh, I didn't mind that he wouldn't dispense it--I really had no idea it's a controlled substance. The problem is that if I need it in an emergency, the vet is not close by. But I'll deal with that if/when I have to!