Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Up to 18 (including Laura's lambs)

We had three more lambs on Monday night!

We had to pull Sesame's little ewe lamb; in fact, neither Mary nor I could actually pull her--we had to get Tony out there to finally get her out. Several hours later, she passed another little ewe lamb, dead.

Here she is (the photo quality isn't great, but those black lambs are hard to photograph well)!

Around 11, we decided to bring Kate in as well, since it seemed like she was looking for a place to lamb. Sometime between midnight and 3 a.m. she presented us with twin ewe lambs. I let them out of the jug today because it's so nice out.

Here's Kate trying to decide if she wants to head out.

And her twins on their first outing.

Here's some updated photos of Old Girl's lamb. His leg has straightened out and although he just wanted to hang out in the jug, I made him go out in the sun today.

Here's Old Girl, Kate, and two of their three lambs.

I also let Hazel and her two girls out. Here they are at two days old.

We're now in a lambing lull, but still have something like ten ewes to go.

On another note, Si goes back to the vet tomorrow morning. I'll update you on his situation after our vet visit.

That's all for now from Willow's Rest!


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I love all lambs, they are so inocent and helpless and cute, but I am partial to tunis babies, IMHO there are no cuter :)

Julie said...

I think the tunis lambs are pretty darn cute for the red color alone. My neighbors (who also raise tunis) say they look like little monkeys, and I have to agree! But I also look forward to the surprises I get from my karakul ewes--although black is most common, the color variety we can get adds to the fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm in *love* with Hazel's little lambs. They're particularly lovely. I'm inclined to like the looks of the tunis lambs too - even though they *do* look a little like monkeys.


Julie said...

Wait till you see Lolita's little spotty lamb. I think he's a keeper! I need to get his picture today and post it, but have a bunch of deadlines to deal with too....