Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Morbid Curiosity

Okay, this blog is supposed to be about life here at Willow's Rest because I created this thing as a means for my family and distant friends to keep up with me, but sometimes a girl's just gotta talk about other stuff. So how about some discourse on morbid curiosity? Morbid curiosity compels us to view things that are repugnant (mildly or violently so) or simply to look at things that give us no real pleasure, except in some sort of perverse way. I'm referring to the latter when I use the term morbid curiosity. For example, there are a few websites that I read on occasion because I can't help myself. I am perversely curious about the goings-on in these people's lives. In some cases, it's because I know the person and know that there's a clear disconnect between reality and what appears on their pages (which is what provides the comedy in following their stories), but in other cases, it's simply because some people persist in exposing--for all the world to see--the trainwrecks they've made of their lives and I just happened to have stumbled across the site while looking for something else. Fortunately, I don't have lots of spare time, so I can't spend all day vicariously participating in the soap operas of other peoples' lives, but when I do read these sites, I have to wonder why people would want to put such personal information out there for anyone to see? Do they think that the Internet makes them completely anonymous? Is it like making a prank phone call before the advent of caller ID (you can get away with it because the person on the other end of the line had no idea who you were)? Whatever the reasons, I wonder if they realize what great entertainment they are providing for the morbidly curious....

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