Monday, June 9, 2008

Mint tea, anyone?

With prices of everything rising ever higher, I've given up some of my indulgences, namely prepared, prepackaged junk food (you know, all those little 100-calorie packs and the like) and sodas. I generally drink just one soft drink a day, so it's not like it was a huge expense, but seeing as how I was drinking diet caffeine-free, I'm really not giving up a lot more than artificial color and flavor (though I do love the taste of diet Coke!). Instead I decided to just make iced tea (decaf of course), which is probably better for me and certainly cheaper to prepare.

So I've been drinking boatloads of iced tea lately. I figure that at least I'm getting plenty of liquids. Yesterday I was lamenting the fact that my tea just didn't have the flavor kick that a diet Coke has when it dawned on me that I have all these boxes of flavored herb teas that I generally drink only in the cooler months. So I pulled out a box of one of the mint teas I have and made myself a gallon of mint tea. It's quite refreshing and has just that little taste kick that makes it better than plain old iced tea. I'll have to try one of the fruit teas next.

On another note, I talked to Joy today, and she told me she and several others have plans to go cherry picking next Monday somewhere near Mt. Airy. I think I'll take a day off work and go with them. I never did get around to picking strawberries this year, but if I can get cherries, and then peaches and blueberries, I can still make jams and freeze some berries to eat in my yogurt over the winter. Yum!

I'm hoping fervently that the local weatherman is right and we'll see the temperatures ease off by midweek. The extreme heat coupled with a lack of rain is not doing the planted pasture any good either. Of course we're probably all watching the weather and wondering if we're in for a repeat of the exceptional drought conditions of last year. I hope not, because if so, I'll have no choice but to sell off livestock.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of putting different flavs of tea in the iced tea! I love sun tea, though I have to admit the Carolina sun doesnt do as good a job as the Arizona/Utah sunshine did, but its drinkable. Thanks for the tip, I think I'll try that.
Too, I am watching the weather, and am fearing the worst. I just bought 2 round bales tonight for the sheep and horses to give the pastures some relief. I think I'll invite a few of my Ute Indain buds out to do a little rain dancing! I sold to much stock last year, and am trying to rebuild, dont want to sell more, though I dont know???


carson-crazies said...

Mint tea? Ewwwww. Ew, only because I don't do mint. This couple that lived where I went to school (first time) used to make a lovely raspberry tea - and I don't even like raspberry. Who knows, maybe the mint would be like that and I'd like it in that medium.

Please, rain, come our way some more.

Julie said...

I think using the flavored tea is saving me from "death by Splenda." I somehow feel the need to add sweetener to regular tea, but when there's a flavor, like mint or berry, then no Spenda necessary. I'll be thanking myself when research 20 years from now shows that Splenda causes cancer in lab rats, LOL!

On the news this morning, the weather(person) noted that we are down 4 inches. For a while there we were actually normal on rainfall for this year, though down if last year was taken into account too. It scares me that now we're suddenly down this year. All while folks in the midwest are drowning in the wet stuff.

Julie said...

P.S. Laura, remind me never to offer you that best of southern delights, a mint julep! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dont worry julie! I'll drink laura's!! :) Yum.

Julie said...

Which would that be--the mint tea or the mint julep? ;-)