Thursday, August 14, 2008

What Dogs Do on the Dog Days of Summer

We had a rainy day yesterday (although it was drizzly all day, we got maybe an eight of an inch in the rain gauge) and temperatures have been pretty comfortable today. But early last week and late the week before, the temperatures were in the mid-to-upper 90s and I actually had the air conditioner running. I got some photos of how the dogs spend their time while I'm working at the computer.

(L-R) Raven (our Alaskan visitor), Lark, and Pip making good use of the daybed.

Jill on "her" couch.

Willow, not liking having her picture taken.

Farleigh in all his shaved glory, for once not sleeping in a crate, which is his usual choice of resting spot.

Kat, snoozing under the antique drop-front desk, which also happens to be a spot where an air conditioning vent is. (Excuse the glowing eyes--she's really not demonic.)

Twist's preferred sleeping spot is under a bed, either the daybed or the bed in my bedroom. Her nickname is Twist the Troll because she becomes rather troll-like toward everyone else when she's ensconced under a bed.

The daybed sees a lot of rotation throughout the day. Here Phoebe (left) and Lark (right) are sharing the space. (I have to fight for a spot if I want to watch a DVD, since it's also the preferred place from which to see the TV.)

And then there's the old man Boy, who takes "brain freeze" to a whole new height. He prefers to lie with his head on the air conditioning vent (although in this photo he's got his head hooked around a table leg--doesn't look very comfy to me, but whatever). I guess that makes him the "cool headed" dog of the pack.

And since I joke about Farleigh being a new breed of dog called the Liberty Lavender Dog, here are some pictures we took after his most recent shave, about a month ago now. If you remember the pictures from the first shave, you'll note that I've finally managed to put some weight on him (or maybe he's just stopped running quite so much). You can see his nice lion's tail too.

And this photo shows the contrast between his actual color in full coat (the orangey red around his head) vs. the lavender color he becomes when shaved. Thanks to Darci for doing another awesome grooming job on Snarley Farleigh (and trust me, it's an apt nickname).

Oops! I almost forgot these. When I take the dogs walking on the "back 40" we go past a creek that stems from an underground spring. A culvert carries the water under the road/path, and where the water runs/drips out of the culvert a pool has formed that generally has water in it even during the driest times. Willow likes to jump in and pull at tree roots (well, border collies are known to invent their own fun!) and Larky has gotten into the habit of standing at the top of one side of the pool and waiting for me to say "Go, Larky, Go!" at which "command" she leaps into the pool below, snapping at the water, if any, coming out of the end of the culvert. She then races back around to do it all again a la a kid running around to a diving board and diving off repeatedly.

Lark poised for the "dive."

Willow looking up from her tree root, just to give perspective on Lark's jumping-off point.

And after I get tired of the "Go, Larky, Go" game (which generally happens very quickly), we head on up the path to continue our walk. Okay, they're mostly looking back at me, but we're really headed up the path.

Twist, Princess Troll, says "Hi!" (or "Bye!").

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~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I missed this post, I also sometimes miss the shady coolness of the southern forests... then I remember I cant see past the trees there and decide I like it better in the desert :) It is still beautiful there though. Maybe someday I will visit.