Monday, September 15, 2008

Chili Pepper update

I kind of knew what to expect when the vet left a message for me Friday regarding Chili's bloodwork, but you still hope for the best until you have the actual results in hand. It seems Chili is in chronic renal failure. Both her creatinine (3.0) and BUN (42) are high. She has an elevated white count as well. For now, her dentistry is on hold, but since I've always understood that there could be a connection between dental problems and CRF, I'm not sure that we won't eventually do the dentistry. But for now, she'll go in to the vet's tomorrow for a urinalysis. I will discuss with the vet the merits of low-protein vs. normal/high (quality) protein diets for a cat with CRF and whether it makes sense to do something about the teeth just in case they are the root cause of the problem. Probably if we go ahead with a dentistry, she'll have to be on IV fluids before, during, and after.

The odd thing is that I originally took Elvis in for bloodwork and dentistry because he was thin and was drinking a lot of water. I thought he might have a tooth infection or kidney issues, but his bloodowork came back normal, and while he needed a couple teeth pulled, his mouth apparently wasn't a disaster.

If I had to compare the two cats (they're littermates) I would have said that Chili was the healthier of the two. She actually looks a whole lot healthier than Elvis--at 15.5 years old, she's at a good weight (although she does vomit occasionally), eats well, and plays--but I guess looks can be deceiving! We'll see what the urnialysis says tomorrow, and of course I'll need to decide whether I think it's prudent to switch her to a kidney diet or just leave her on her current high-quality diet (Wellness and Eagle Pack Holistic), until she shows some actual physical signs of being in renal failure--signs that I'm quite familiar with, having been through this several times before.

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Anonymous said...

Id have said the same of one "looking better" than the other from what Ive seen. (although I have to say, that Elvis is every bit as handsome,as Chilie Pepper is pretty) But darn Julie, I sure am sorry to hear about little Chilie Pepper. Hope she keeps lookin' and feeling good, inside and out.