Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I wish I were a puddle duck!

That's what Phoebe's saying anyway. The temperature has dropped more than 20 degrees between yesterday and today, and we've gotten at least an inch and a half of rain since it started this morning. When I got back from the vet this morning around 11, it was absolutely pouring, but the dogs were going nuts because it was their usual "walkies" time. So I dug out the old white shrimper's boots (so fashionable) and the rain suit. Before donning the boots I had to take the vacuum to them to make sure no brown recluses or other nasties were residing in the toes. Then I pulled on the rain pants and jacket and off we went. I would have preferred to stay indoors where it was warm and dry, but when you own dogs, at least not little prissy ones that hate to get wet, you learn that you will go walking, no matter what the weather (thunderstorms excepted).

So who do you think was in hog (dog?) heaven? Yes, Phoebe. So many mud puddles, so little time. How can one dog possibly motorboat through them all? I will say she gave it her best shot! There's a reason, after all, that one of her nicknames is "Pigpen" (a la' the Charles Schultz character).

Larky even braved the white water coming out of the end of the culvert to make a few of her own version of a dock dive, and Willow didn't seem to mind the fact that the water was nearly over her back when she went in for her daily tussle with the tree root (border collies are so odd!).

Coming back from a rainy walk with 10 dogs is a drying off nightmare. Thanks to a tip from Robin, I now put down sheets folded lengthwise throughout the house like runners to keep dirt and mud off the carpet. I also probably have more dog towels than I do people towels, but in this weather more dog towels means more laundry, because I certainly don't have enough to cover multiple outings in the rain.

The rain has stopped for now, but I think we're supposed to have more of the same tomorrow. Still, I vowed not to complain if we would only get some rain, so complain I won't. Instead I'll look at the pastures and think how nicely green they are (and try not to think about the parasite explosion to come, nor the food scald that comes with the mud). I'll just look at the growing grass and munching sheep and be HAPPY!

Cat Corner
I have no more news on Chili. I did go over Elvis' bloodwork while I was there. Interestingly his BUN is at the very highest of normal, and the vet noted that his constant water drinking might actually be compensating for any early stage renal failure he might be facing. She was able to get a urine sample directly from Chili's bladder, so I should have those results tomorrow.

We have started Chili on a course of antibiotics and will continue with pulsative antibiotic therapy every month to see if we can have a good influence on kidney function by controlling some of the bacteria in her mouth. She may or may not ever be a good candidate for dentistry, but we're going to do what we can to get her there.

In the meantime, I did a lot of Internet research on various low-protein diets and found one I can live with, made by Wysong. It's the only one that actually has meat as the main protein source. I don't see how the other companies can tout high-quality protein for CRF cats while at the same time using only grains as the main protein source. Grains don't fit my idea of high-quality protein for a carnivore. The good news is that I can order directly from Wysong with a prescription from my vet. The other thing I plan to do is start adding bottled water to her canned food to keep her well hydrated, and I'm also going to buy a pet fountain so maybe she'll drink more water (and Elvis will quit pestering me every time I go into the bathroom).

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