Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Turtle Train

So I just took the dogs for a walk prior to going to lunch (which means driving to Pet Supplies Plus for pet supplies) and as we took our little path through a patch of pines what do I see but a turtle train. Okay so if two box turtles in a line constitutes a train. But seeing two together did give me a chance for observation, despite the fact that they snapped their shells shut as soon as all the dogs came a'sniffin'. I never see turtles in groups, not even in the good old days when they'd come out of the woodwork, so to speak, after a good rainand all seem to be trying to cross the roads I traveled.

As many turtles as I've moved out of the road, you'd think I'd have noticed that apparently no two are alike. Is that true? It certainly was of the two turtles in the train in the woods. The back turtle had a slightly boxier shell and much brighter colors--an orange only slightly more muted than the NCDOT work vehicles. The pattern on its shell really made me think of heiroglyphics. The turtle in front was much more muted, the color being more tan and in a pattern that brought to mind nothing so much as tie dye. A tie-dyed box turtle, how cool is that?

I wish I had taken my camera with me, but you know, as fast as turtles move, I'm sure they wouldn't be there if I walked back up to the back of the property with camera in hand. LOL!


Robin French said...

Are you sure that wasn't a turtle tryst rather than a turtle train? ;-)

Might have been a showy male and a muted i know diddly about turtles!

1sheepdoggal said...

Dang Girl! I too wish you'd have gotten the camera. Turtles, and tortises happen to be a special hobby of mine, and I have become over the years, rather adept at being able to recognise the various different types of aquatic, semi aquatic and land tortises and turtles of the world, and have owned a number of them! I even had a permit to own endangered tortise species, of which I had two for a very long time! I have had over the years, various types from all over the world, and love tortises best. Ha! Bet cha never would have guessed that about me eh?? LOL

carson-crazies said...

Ewww, Robin. Actually, that is exactly what I was sitting her wondering.

Hey Darci - I had no idea!

1sheepdoggal said...

Yep,I luvs me some turtle. (the only food that comes with its own bowl!)
Just kidding, I couldnt eat one, though I hear they taste just like chicken!LOL