Friday, November 7, 2008

Bye Bye Biddies!

So Charles' sister (Charles is the neighbor who has alpacas) came by yesterday because she wanted a pair if OEG chickens. I gave her one of the roosters we refer to as the "Corn Flake" roosters (because they look like the rooster on a box of Corn Flakes. Does that rooster still appear on the cereal box?) and a little white hen with black splashes on her. I have enough OEGs that I don't mind giving a few away, especially if someone will take a rooster! Before Wanda left, she told me about a neighbor of hers who also would like some OEGs. The problem is that you just can't find the really small ones like I have. I need to bring in some new genetics, but I also can't seem to find any small ones. Like everything else bred for show, OEGs seem to be getting larger and larger. So for now, I'm keeping my closed population (but I have a bunch of folks keeping an eye out for comparable birds I can bring in).

So those eight biddies that appeared in the Frosty Morn post? They've headed off to a new home. It's hard to tell at that age, but it looks like the guy got a really good deal, because I would guess that there were six hens and two roosters that he just took home. And I charged him just a few dollars per chick (roos free). And they were a nice range of colors.

I prefer not to sell hens, but my hens hatched out so many broods this year that I don't feel too bad giving them up, at least this once. In the future, though, I will sell only pairs and trios. The deal will be if you want to pay for a hen, you gotta take a roo too! I was sort of sad to see them go, but the smile on the gentleman's face made up for it.

OEGs really are neat little chickens, and maybe if I can keep the smaller ones going in this area, we'll be able to preserve the old style I love.

And I have the new set of five chicks to keep. I'm hoping I'll be lucky with those and have mostly hens there too.

Bye bye biddies!


Laura Carson said...

shoulda sold them you-know-who. LOL Yep, make it a two-fer or a three-fer. Buy one biddie get a rooster free. lol

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

So which eight did you sell? The brood of eight from the Sebright hen? I went back and looked at the Frosty Morning post and still couldn't tell. Hope you can find some more tiny ones!

Julie said...

Hey Laura,
I wonder what it would cost me to have all those extra roosters butchered if I took them to Chaudhry's (he apparently has the capacity to do chickens too). Really it would be nice if I could find some use for all those roos. May have to start butchering myself, I suppose (although they do make a nice background chorus for all activities here!).

Yes it was the eight from the Sebright looking hen. I keep looking for the little ones!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I am going to get chickens next year, to heck with the dogs! lol
Maybe my old mutt Zip will have outgrown the urge to chase them until they fall over :)
If your roos have been running a big coop or out in the open, they will not make good eating except in stew IME; when we had chickens years ago, we decided we werent going to butcher any more unless they could be kept in a smaller area so their muscles wouldnt develope as much. Those were Ameraucana; they are bigger than I usually like (I really like Bantams) but they are so beautiful!

Julie said...

I feed a couple of my dogs a partial raw diet, so I was thinking of the roos for that purpose. You're right that they'd probably be tough as nails (especially Albion, who got booted numerous times in his misspent youth), although I'd certainly consider trying them in a stew. Last year when I held a clinic out here and we were making soups and stews for the participants I tried to convince Jimmy to use some roosters for the chicken noodle soup and he looked at me like I'd grown a second head. LOL! I guess he didn't think they'd taste good enough....