Thursday, December 18, 2008

Eggs, Pelts

It's not what you think! No one is being pelted with eggs. But I do have eggs now--nice big brown ones.Yep, my Rhode Island Reds are finally laying (or at least finally laying in a place where I can find them). I put up some nest boxes in the ram's stall, and while they have knocked one down, they are using the other. So far, over the past two days I've gathered up eight eggs. Now I guess I need to start cooking again....

Tony, Mary, and I sent a few lambs to be butchered on Monday and we got the pelts back Tuesday. I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning trimming and salting them. Probably by the time they're ready to go it will be Christmas and Bucks County Fur Products will be closed for the holidays, so it will probably be after the 1st before we can send them off. I still have the two nice karakul pelts to send off, but figured I'd wait and send them all together. These aren't big pelts, but they'll make nice chair pads or crib pads, or, if I want to be very generous, maybe a cat bed for poor old Elvis.

ETA: I forgot to tell the best part of this story! I took my two pelts up to the old chicken house yesterday evening, stacked a bunch of pallets to make a handy "workbench" and then salted them down. There's no way you can do all that without sort of smelling like the pelts themselves (trust me, it's not pleasant). I needed more salt, so I took off to the Food Lion in Liberty. Well you know I work from home mainly, so I don't really worry about being a fashionista, and yesterday was no different. I was wearing a quite attractive get up: high-water sweat pants, coupled with pull on ankle-high rubber muck boots (hey, at least the two overlapped), which were also coated in red mud from the dirt floor of the chicken house and a much-stained sweatshirt over a beat-up t-shirt. My hair was probably looking a little wild too. I realized the picture I made, of course, but had no desire to take the time to go home and make myself presentable, so off I went, hoping that the time of day (before 5 p.m.) would save me from too much embarassment. Since I was already going to be out, I decided to stop by the local Chinese place and pick myself up some dinner. I give the folks there credit for not staring, though I'm sure they didn't much appreciate the red boot prints I left on their entrance rug. While I waited for my dinner, I scooted over to the Food Lion to pick up a bag of salt and a few other items. The place was packed! Where had all these people come from? And what were they thinking when they saw me in my lovely attire? Probably they thought I was just one more character: a piece of work who didn't know better than not to leave home like that. Oh well, at least I didn't have to worry about anyone jostling me in the busy store. Most folks gave me a wide berth....

Other than that, we're just slogging through grey, dreary days here. I don't think I've seen the sun in a week, and that's just depressing. I'd never make it in the PNW, that's for sure!


Robin French said...

Geez, ain't that the truth on the rain. I want to know why it picks up every evening just as i head home too?!

You know how you have to do the word verification thing to post a comment? My word right now is "pokee". How funny is that? Pokee, you're it!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I never have spent much time worrying about how people percive me; I figure if I see someone looking dirty and disheveled, its probably because they make an honest living and work :)

BCxFour said...

Your mode of dress sounds like what I look like on a daily basis!

Come on up to the PNW is compleley covered with snow and ice - not a rain drop in sight. Today will be sunny and COLD again. We have yet another storm hitting us tomorrow.

*sigh* I miss living in NC...come to think of it.

Julie Poudrier said...

Ugh, yet another cloudy, foggy, dreary day. Even the promise of 70-degree weather doesn't help when it's so grey outside.

Robin, I hope the next one you get is gumby (or gumbee). Gee, did I just date myself?

Becky and Carolynn,
I don't really worry what people think about me--after all when I do have to go to the office, I pull out the same old work clothes I've been wearing for the past decade! (I have this thing against shopping and spending money regularly for new clothes, unless, that is, it's clothing that is sensible for farm life.)

But in general I try not to scare people when I go out in public. If I give them a good laugh at my uncoordinated, ill-fitting, obviously long meant for the trash clothes, then that's okay! I call it "ratty chic"! :-)