Sunday, January 25, 2009

40 Things? Oh my!

Wow, it's been a very busy, rough three weeks, and of course as a result this poor blog has been quite neglected. Now that things should settle down, I think I can start keeping up again.

First, I want to thank everyone who sent kind comments about Elvis' death. My apologies for not responding directly, but so much time has passed now that it's just easier to thank you all here now. Please know that your comments meant quite a lot to me and I truly appreciated them.

So what have I been doing all this time? Working overtime. Getting ready for the Jack Knox clinic, hosting guests here at the house. Working more overtime. Getting another youngster in here to play with. Getting a beautiful new handmade crook, henceforth known as "The Ladybug Crook" (thanks Dan, you are awesome!). Running around like a maniac. Cleaning like a maniac. Not getting enough sleep. Especially not getting enough sleep. But all those things are past now, and the only thing outside the normal routine left to do is get Raven sent safely back home to Hilary. Already things are getting back to some semblance of normal, or at least normal for life here at Willow's Rest (and the nap I just took has helped tremendously)!

So as not to be a party pooper, since I've been tagged with the "40 Things" thing, I'm starting with that. Later I'll fill everyone in on all the other stuff. I don't know that I even have 40 things to divulge, but I'm going to try.

Forty Things About Me that You Might Not Know

1. I am the third of four children, and the third girl.

2. My parents really, really wanted a boy. Since I was the third girl, the name they had picked out for me was George (for my father) Arthur (for my maternal grandfather). Only I was a girl. Apparently despite already having two girls (Renee and Jean), my parents hadn't prepared for the possibility of a third, and so no girl name was chosen. In fact, no girl name was chosen until the state contacted them and told them it was illegal not to name a child (and you wonder why I might have issues?).

3. My full name rhymes. I hate that. My mom thought it was cute, but then again she might have just been in a desperate hurry not to be hauled off to jail (ha!) for not naming me and so grasped at the first combination--Julie Kay--that sounded, well, whatever. Now I rhyme.

4. When I was little, I used to eat dirt. On a regular basis.

5. There was also a long period of time when the only thing I would eat (besides dirt, presumably) was grated apples and grated cheese. I still like apples and cheese together.

6. When I was little, maybe around 5, I sat on the back porch with my little brother (yep, George Arthur, aka Arthur) and spoon fed him Rapid-Gro. Rapid-Gro was like Miracle-Gro, only it was green. I think I told Arthur it was ice cream. Is it my fault he believed me and ate the stuff? My mom was furious, of course, and rushed Arthur to our pediatrician, Dr. Liddle. Dr. Liddle looked at mom and said, "I can't see he's grown a bit!" That's an old, oft-repeated family story.

7. I would follow my older sister Renee anywhere on horseback. Years later I went back to some of our old places and was amazed at the things I had jumped on my little Welsh pony. Come to think of it, maybe she was trying to be rid of me, but Jet and I managed to hang in there....

8. My mother was an artist and art teacher. In the mid-70s my parents opened a pottery shop in Fredericksburg, VA. My BFF Heather and I, who were also artsy types (she had a little black pony, too), made horse sculptures in my mom's home pottery studio and sold them at the pottery shop. I was probably around 13 then, so Heather was a year or so younger. You can just imagine what our sculptures must have looked like. We were talented, but not prodigies by any means. I shudder with embarassment to think that somewhere someone may still own one or more of our horse sculptures.

9. At about that same time, I got drunk for the first time, on screwdrivers. (Who says kids living in the country can't get into trouble?) The how isn't important, but I came home and passed out in the upstairs bathroom since I couldn't manage to negotiate the door into the bedroom I shared with my sisters. My mom found me and was furious. BUT, like any good southern woman, the main focus of her concern was not so much my drunkeness (not that she wasn't horrified by that) as the fact that we had a potter from England who was staying with us at the time, having just come to the US, and she was apalled at the thought that he might have found me passed out on the bathroom floor.

10. I have not touched vodka in 30+ years. Surprised?

11. And while I'm talking about drunken sprees, I may as well fast forward to my college years and relate the tale of homemade peppermint schnappes. Sounds pretty innocuous, I know, but the fact is we were a bunch of chemistry majors and what better place to start with the schnappes than in the chemistry lab, where research-grade alcohol could be had for free? The down side to this idea was that the friends who had access to that alcohol (as lab assistants) were not the types I'd normally send on such an "errand." But that's who went. And so we made and drank our schnappes. I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have because I kept wondering if they had stolen the right stuff or whether we might all go blind (after all, lab alcohol can be denatured with any number of things, and we had to trust that they had gotten the non-denatured stuff). Anyway, I've never been sicker in my life (probably a combination of too much to drink and my fear that we were all going to go blind). The next day I was supposed to give a seminar in the Chemistry Department and I could hardly hold my head together with my hands (thank goodness for a sympathetic instructor who thought I had the flu or something and allowed me to reschedule). One friend had the smell of peppermint schnappes coming out of her pores. Ick.

12. As you might suspect, I have not partaken of peppermint schnappes in more than 25 years. Do you see a pattern here?

13. Back to more innocent things. When we were little, we were horse crazy (thanks to mom, who had a horse and rode him up until she had each of us, and shortly thereafter had us riding in front of her too). We used to play like we were horses, running around on our hands and knees (I'm surprised my knees are in such good shape in my middle age). We'd let my little brother ride us, and we'd do our best to buck him off.

14. As a child I raised a brown thrasher named Dawn and a wood duck named Chuck (she was a female). Dawn was so named because when the cat (a Siamese aptly named Kooky) dragged her in one night, mom said she didn't think the baby bird would live to see the Dawn, but I took her to bed with me, got up every few hours to feed her, and she survived. I got Chuck (again thanks to Kooky) when I was in the 10th grade. Her name came from a poetry class homework assignment gone silly--a poem titled "Chuck the Duck." You can imagine all the words I used to rhyme with Chuck and duck. I still keep various types of poultry.

15. I never participated in any organized sports.

16. I had a small part in our high school senior play. I suck at acting. I was probably given the part solely on the basis that the director was my best bud and felt sorry for me.

17. I have been told that I have a very nice singing voice. I generally don't sing in front of other people.

18. My sisters and brother all became accomplished at some sort of musical instrument. I never could master any instrument.

19. An "I want" childhood memory: We used to beg mom for coloring books but she would always tell us to "draw it yourself, then color it." We all learned to draw.

20. At one time, I wanted to be a medical illustrator. My biology classmates loved my lab notes because of the detail and accuracy of my drawings.

21. My favorite city is Chicago (odd for a dyed-in-the-wool country girl, huh?). My second and third favorite cities and Washington, DC, and New Orleans.

22. I hate jazz. Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word, but I just don't enjoy listening to it. I love bluegrass.

23. Walking in a cranberry bog is like walking on a giant sponge, although occasionally your foot might slip through. I did this at Dolly Sods in West Virginia while on a summer field trip with a college class called "Flora of Virginia." It was beautiful there, and I haven't been back but would really love to see it again.

24. I wore braces. Twice.

25. I love Rollerblading, though I don't do it anymore (lack of a good place to do so).

26. My first long-term relationship started in college while playing "spin the bottle" (how lame is that?). I had never played before, and never played again. But Ken and I were together for a couple of years thanks to that kiss.

27. I have a thing for men in uniform, especially military men.

28. I've been in a submarine once. I'm not claustrophibic, but I don't see how my brother and others like him could live in something like that for months at a time.

29. I can be impulsive (that's probably a real big surprise for some of you). For example, in my younger, wilder days, I met foreign sailor when the tall ships came into harbor at Norfolk, VA. I wanted to see "my sailor" again, so I took off to New York's Battery Park to meet him there when the tall ships came into harbor there. I had never been to New York, and yet somehow it all turned out okay.

30. Impulsiveness # 2: I freaked out my family by taking a trip to Denmark at Christmas about 10 years ago to meet an online friend. No, he wasn't a serial killer, and I got an experience I probably never would have had otherwise, since Denmark isn't exactly generally high on anyone's list of must-see places. But it was a neat place, and I went to Hans Christian Andersen's home in Odense, walked along the beach of the North Sea, and experienced a true Danish Christmas celebration in Arhus with Kenneth's family (including the traditional Christmas eve dance around the Christmas tree, with lit candles decorating the tree). And you thought I was a real homebody!

31. I've been gambling twice, once in St. Louis on a riverboat and once in Baden-Baden, Germany. Only with other people's money though.

32. My father was born and raised in Trois-Rivieres, northeast of Montreal in Quebec. I have never been to Canada (a brief layover at the airport in Toronto--on my way to Denmark, or was it Germany?--doesn't count).

33. I hate flying.

34. I used to be a gym rat.

35. Heather and I collected Breyer horses back when they didn't look so cheap and plasticky (I'm sure that's not a real word, but it will have to suffice). We would do odd jobs to get money so we could order more horses. I still have a pretty decent collection, but should probably sell them on E-Bay.

36. I could spend a great deal of time in art museums, especially if the museum has a good Impressionist collection (like the Art Institute of Chicago).

37. I had my first real job at age 14, working for the Youth Conservation Corps in Prince William County, VA. From that age on, I have worked continuously, except for during the school year (when still in high school).

38. I was a ride operator and, later, ride manager at Kings Dominion long before it was Paramount's or whatever it is now. Is there anything more frightening than knowing that your safety on amusement park rides is in the hands of a bunch of teenagers?

39. Kings Dominion is right next door to The Meadow, where Secretariat was born. By the time I was working at KD, the farm was no longer a working stud and in fact the KD supervisors were housed in the jockey house there. We had many a party involving sloe gin (another thing I haven't touched since those days) at the jockey house.

40. Thank goodness we're at the end. I grew up along the Potomac River at a point where it's about a mile wide. We used to regularly swim our horses in the river when we were children. I am not, however a strong swimmer. I would like to rectify that one day.

41. And a bonus thing, which my sister might remember. One of my best childhood summer memories is of sitting in the hay in the old tack/feed room, with the sun streaming in through the big windows, each of us reading our own copy of Gulliver's Travels. My copy had been given to me by my grandmother and had an extra story that my sister's copy did not. That's probably close to a 40-year-old memory and doesn't really fit the theme of things others don't know about me, but it is one of my most vivid childhood memories and thinking of it always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy. And if Jean reads this, then maybe she'll remember that day too.

And since almost all of my local blog pals have already been tagged, I will torture some farther-flung ones:


Debbie P.:


Come on gals, I know you can find some stuff to share we don't know, maybe shouldn't know, but would love to know anyway!


Darci said...

#29??? Coulda fooled me! LOL

Draw a pic and color it yourself!? Genius! I love it!

Julie Poudrier said...

Hey, just because I seem like a staid, mature sort doesn't mean I always was! ;-)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I would love to be able to say I dont have time for this, but you probably know better. This is where is say 'gee, thanks!' lol
Some interesting stuff in there, some of it brought back memories for me also, which is probably the only reason Im going to do it :)

Nancy O said...

Robin and I are going to stand next to you and mouth the words to Happy Birthday in the next group singalong at a trial.

Debbie P said...

OH NO. I don't think I have 40 things to say about myself, but I'll work on it today. I need to update my blog anyway!
Hey - my first drunken binge was on screwdrivers too! A HS friend and I made up a batch and we added water to my parent's vodka bottle, hoping they wouldn't notice! I was a goody goody so they maybe they noticed but they never suspected me!
Can't stand vodka to this day :)

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Great list Julie, i enjoyed reading that. :-)

Laura Carson said...

LOL Julie. You crack me up. Danged screwdrivers will getcha every time. lol

RFP said...

Julie, you forgot to include the second part to the "Danish Adventure"...

Kenneth flew to the U.S. to visit with Julie and to see some of our country. Or all of our country. He just couldn't seem to grasp the respective difference in size between teeny weeny Denmark and humongous America. We kept explaining that our STATE as probably as big as his COUNTRY, but no, that didn't faze him in the least. He has some money in his pocket and a car, and he was going to see America.

I guess he finally grasped the situation when he got to the Mississippi River and had to turn back due to lack of funds and lack of time. Sometimes I wonder if he ever thinks about what was on the other side of that river.

Kenneth flew back to Denmark; I'm not sure how life panned out for him after his big trip. Kenneth, if you ever happen to read this, WE TOLD YOU IT WAS A FREAKIN" BIG NATION!

Julie Poudrier said...

Oh, I think the best part of Kenneth's visit was his idea that we could just hop on down to Florida and catch a space shuttle launch anytime....