Monday, March 2, 2009

A (snowy) day in the life.... (photo heavy)

After something like 36 hours of rain, the precipitation turned to snow last night, and this is what it looked like this morning when I went out to feed. We so seldom get a good snow here in the south that more than a dusting is a cause for celebration (of sorts). Here Twist is holding the sheep back from the feed bunks, with Pip and Lark helping, although further back and not in the picture. I didn't really need all three dogs, but they all dashed through the gate, so I figured "what the heck."

A bunch of karakuls, with a few tunis thrown in.

Pip holding his side back behind Twist.

Looking back toward the barn.

A closer view of the karakuls.

Lark likes to lurk beside the feed bunks (like a snake in the grass, or snow, in this case), just waiting to jump out at any sheep that come near. This is all you could see of her from my side of things.

She forgot to get out of her pajamas before going to work this morning. We had no electricity for part of the night last night and into the morning, so it got kind of cold in the house.

The view back behind the barn.

A little later I took the dogs for a walk on the back part of the property. The photos chronicle are loop around and back home. This looks lovely, but the weight of the snow is no doubt the reason why we had no power....

Swift is trying to work Lark, who wants to dive into the creek, despite the cold and snow.

Hey, you're going the wrong way!

More snowy branches.

Is that a fox in the woods? No, it's just Kat.

Jill in the snow.

And another photo of the Baby Rat.

Even old dogs feel spunky when it snows!

Swift, Phoebe, and Willow.

Another one of Kat.

The "donkey-eared dog" wants to make a snow angel (that's for you Dan).

Mother and son.

Let's hope all that snow doesn't drop on Pip's head.

At last, a rare Farleigh sighting. He prefers to walk solo and so usually leaves the rest of us behind.

A lone tree that I thought was rather photogenic.

Three amigos?

My old girl, Willow. I haven't reported this on the blog, but Willow's mast cell tumor has recurred, and in an inoperable form. I don't know how much more time she has with me, but I'm hoping the treatment works and we get plenty more time together.

Some of the bee hives. Just a few days ago the bees were buzzing busily in the warm weather; now, they're tucked safely back in their hives.

Pip seems to have an unfortunate habit of posing beneath heavily snow-laden limbs.

Heading back around on the homeward path.

Cedar trees that look like fern fronds or peacock feathers.

Swift and Willow framed in snowy branches.

Twist by the creek.

Willow watching.

Sabrina and Maia. Sabrina befriended Maia when Maia first arrived at the farm. I will often see them together out in the pasture.

A pack of dogs pausing from their snow play.

Lark and Phoebe mixing it up.

Hmmm ... it looks like Lark took a tumble.

Is she giving a lecture or simply waiting for someone else to make the first move?


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Beautiful photos - and LOTS of dogs!

An English Shepherd said...

Great pics :-)

Laura Carson said...

My guys are howling in protest - for my not taking them over to YOUR place. Nice shots - really pretty in the snow. Hope you stay warmer tonight!

BCxFour said...

Gorgeous pictures! I loved the shot of the lone tree - very pretty. Hope you stay warm and dry!

Darci said...

Boy you got ALOT more snow than I did. It looks beautiful! Im almost jealous.....almost.
Everyone looks like they're having a grand time. Sounds like ya had cause for a 3 dog night eh? Hope the power stays on for ya from here on out,but if it doesnt, youve got enough dogs to pile a few more on! LOL

Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures, Julie. I'm sorry to hear about Willow and I am hoping that the treatments by you more time with her!

Paula said...

Lovely photos! How sweet are Sabrina and Maia together? Awww.

I'm sorry to hear about Willow. :(

Julie Poudrier said...

Thanks for all your comments. It really is so rare to get any decent snow, but then again, since the mud that follows is most unpleasant, the lack of snow in general is probably a good thing!

I am a bit dog rich! But at least I can say one of them isn't mine! :-)