Monday, July 27, 2009

Eek! I've Become Miranda Hobbes

Those of you who are Sex and the City fans will appreciate this story. Today I had to drive in to Liberty to mail a birthday package to my niece (only three weeks late!) and return a book to the library (only six days late). Since I was in town anyway, I swung by Food Lion but could only pick up minimal stuff (like the desperately needed dish detergent) because I had pulled out my checkbook, which is also my wallet, to write a check for Jesse's dance lessons and then left it sitting on the table. Fortunately, in another extremely rare stroke of luck, I had cash on me, so I was able to mail the package, pay my library fine, and get a couple of items at the store (no small feat since I was also starving, which we all know can usually result in disaster when turned lose in a grocery store--and here's where not having much cash can really save the day, and perhaps the waistline).

So what does any hungry local do who wants good eats for not much money? You call the Backyard Grille and place a sandwich order. And here is where the Miranda channeling occurred. As I finished placing my order, I expected to be asked my last name. I always give my first name because my last name is virtually impossible for anyone to get right, unless you've known me a long time, and sometimes not even then.

But what does the girl on the other end of the line say? Not: "Can I get your last name?" but rather "It's Julie, right?"

Oh my. I know just how Miranda felt. What sort of loser orders food from the same place enough that the girl behind the counter recognizes your voice? Gah! I guess I should be grateful that unlike in that episode of SATC with Miranda and the Chinese food place, at least the girl didn't tell me what I wanted to order before I had a chance to say it myself. It's only a matter of time though....

I wanted to post a photo of Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes, but didn't want to infringe anyone's copyright, so decided not to.


Laura Carson said...


LOSER!!!! Definately a good laugh for the day.

Robin French said...

Ummmm, no comment other than to say i can identify..... ;-)

Laura said...

So is it Poo-dree-yay? Poo-dreer?
Inquiring minds want to know!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, that made me giggle!

MaskedMan said...

Could've been much worse... Back in my (much!) younger days, I worked in a pizza shop - one of the ones with the blue and red logo, ya know? We had a customer who would call in, "This is Hopkins," he'd say, and then hang up. We knew his order. We knew his address. It was as predictable as nightfall... and nearly as frequent.