Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photos, Photos, Photos (Breezy Hill SDT and More)

Breezy Hill SDT
Michelle Dobbs took some nice photos of my dogs at the Breezy Hill trial, so I wanted to share them with you. First up is Twist on the cross drive in the open class on Saturday. Michelle was down at the set out taking these, so you're actually looking up the field toward the handler's post. This sequence shows the second half of the crossdrive and the turn back toward the pen, which you can see to my left as I stand at the post in the first picture.

Oops, that turn was a little wider than I thought!

I'm guessing these pictures of Twist flanking were taken while we were setting up the shed.

Here we are at the shed on Sunday. We were running four sheep, so we had to split them and take control of two. In the first photo I am flanking Twist off the pressure of the draw (which was toward the exhaust--the way the sheep are facing) and toward the sheep's rears in an attempt to let the draw pull two of the sheep forward and create a hole (you can see that they are bunched together, but I'm hoping that her movement away from their heads will make the sheep think they can escape toward the draw).

A hole has opened up and I've called Twist through. You can see that the one ewe in the back half is thinking about what to do--whether to turn back or leap forward with the two in the front. But she also sees Twist coming, and you can see that Twist's head is turned looking at her (Twist is using her eye to tell that ewe, "Don't come this way!").

The completed shed. Twist turns on the sheep I asked her to and takes control, taking them away from the other two.

Here's a portrait of Kat. I think ribbons were being given out at this point, and Kat was alert for her favorite thing: people clapping. And, yes, the tongue sticking out is classic Kat.

I'm not sure during what part of our open run this photo was taken, but you can see that the grass was tall.

All of the preceding photos were taken by Michelle Dobbs. Thanks, Michelle!

Darci, Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Just so you know that Chris is alive and kicking, here are some photos for you. I took this first set yesterday on one of our walks on the "back 40."

Twist, Phoebe, Kat, Chris, Pip, and Lark, all in search of pine cones. Okay, maybe not Lark.

Chris in the creek, doing her underwater search thing. Lark is just wishing Chris would get out of the way--how's a dog supposed to dive when the other dog can't see her coming?

The after effect of Chris' underwater search.

Do you notice a theme here? Why's there always a pine cone in the picture?

I took these out in the yard this morning. I was hoping I could show you Chris' more robust waistline, but she wasn't cooperating.

Pip sez, "But, ah, look how svelte I am! I bet ol' fat Chris is jealous that she doesn't have such a nice waspy waist."

Farleigh wants to know when he's ever going to get a nice shave again.

And Maia says, "I am not so embarassed by Julie's "grooming" job that I won't go out in public." Hmmmm...she just looks a little wiry coated. She's growing out quickly and the moth-eaten look is nearly gone. Even so, I know she feels better without the mats, even if the trim job looked a little, er, rough. Do you think she's laughing at herself, or at my grooming skills?

Bye bye.


Kelly said...

You and your crazy dogs!! I could of left my clippers there for you to do Farleigh yourself....want them back?

Robin French said...

bring him saturday and we'll clip him up. i did all my dogs' bellies the other night.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

great photos and oh so pleased pups. Life is good, they say. I'm in Virginia...should look up trials and spend a lovely day sometime.

Darci said...

Awwwwwwwwe! Thank you Julie! She looks great! The only way she could look better would be if she were sitting here on the couch with me right now! LOL
I sure do miss her, I didnt think it would be this bad, but ya gotta admit, she is a character, and a presence. (or pest, depending on how you look at it! )LOL
I sure do appreciate you taking such good care of her.