Monday, November 2, 2009


Something odd has happened recently. I've lost my craving for chocolate. Yep, it can be sitting right in front of me and I don't even care. That's not to say I won't eat it if someone offers it to me or I make a conscious decision to grab a piece of leftover Hallowe'en candy, but in the past just knowing the candy was there would have a certain part of my consciousness obsessing over it. Back then (not so very long ago, actually), I would have to put chocolate where I wouldn't think about it, and if it was sitting on the counter or some other equally obvious spot, I couldn't help but think about it--and eat it.

I was discussing this strange phenomenon with Laura on our way to Barbara's yesterday for lunch and a puppy play day.

Me: "I'm kind of freaked out by this. Do you suppose I have a brain tumor or something?"
Laura: " I don't know. Maybe." (Yes, Laura can be counted on for the most comforting answer when it comes to potential medical issues.)
Me: "Seriously, what could cause something like this? You don't just give up cravings like that. And especially not to chocolate. I've seriously craved chocolate for all of my adult life. Something must be wrong."
Laura: "Well, it could be a good thing. If it's a tumor, maybe it's okay as long as it's a small one. Think of how much easier it will be to lose weight now that you no longer crave chocolate. If it grows big and causes other problems, then you should worry."

See, that's what I like about friends like Laura. She found the positive spin to this conundrum.

Puppy play day was loads of fun. And the vegetarian chili and jalpeno cornbread that Dave and Barbara served was delicious. Dessert was chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. The chocolate cake was wonderful, and I ate my entire serving, but I didn't crave it.


Laura Carson said...

LOL! I almost snorted my noodles out my nose. But yes, maybe it's OK as long as it stays small and only affects your chocolate cravings. ;) Lunch and puppy play day was fabulous! I got all of the fun with no responsibility.

Kelly said...

Why do all the conversations with Laura (even with herself) end in some sort of random off the wall answer? :)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I found as I have gotten (ACK!) older that I don't want it as much as used to. I haven't died of a brain tumor yet so I don't think thats the problem...

I have to tell you though, conundrum is my favorite word in the English language :)