Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Twist!

(Photo by Barbara Shumannfang)

(Photo by Michelle Dobbs)

(Photos by me)

Twist is 8 today. It's hard to believe; it seems like just yesterday that I stopped by Kay's on my way home from Richard Rogers' trial in Luray, VA, and fell in love with a 12-hour-old guinea pig with what looked like barber pole stripes going around her.

She's taught me a great deal about working dogs and livestock; and she's been my "right hand man" on the farm. We've had a lot of success on the trial field, and some spectacular failures. But in general, I can count on her to be rock steady anywhere we go.

She can be a bit of a troll, but that's just part of her charm. She's the dog who I'd most want to have if stranded on a desert island, because if there's food to be found, she'll find it! I could say so much more, but the simplest thing to say is that she holds a huge piece of my heart. Happy Birthday Twist, and here's hoping that we can share many more!


Robin French said...

Aww, Happy Birthday Twist!!

Emily said...

Have a good one, Twist!