Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ranger's Fun Weekend

What do puppies do for fun? They tug old fleeces, of course! Robin was down for lesson day Saturday, so Ranger got to visit with Tug and Moon (that's Tug's backside you see passing through the photo), and also with Kelly's Dutch, who is doing the honor of tugging with Ranger.

(Photo by Becca Shouse)

Ranger also got to visit with his buddy Barbara. He's got a goofy look on his face either because he loves Barbara or because he's quite proud of himself for having just worked sheep in the round pen--or both!

Ranger and Tug moved their fleecy activities into the dogloo. Those are some happy faces!

And Ranger Danger showing his stuff, at 16 weeks, in the round pen.

The above photos were taken by Becca using Robin's camera.

I hoped to have some pictures of Simon working as well, but it had gotten late in the day and although Becca valiantly took photos while risking life and limb sitting out in the pasture, alas it was too dark and none of the photos was salvageable.

I spent a good part of the weekend working dogs, mine and other people's. I can't think of a much better way to spend a weekend.

Today, the karakul and dorset rams and the katahdin and tunis wethers were sent off for Eid al-Adha. The neat thing about the Festival of Sacrifice is that Muslim tradition insures that no one who is impoverished will be left without sacrificial food, so these sheep will be used to help feed the poor.

That leaves me with just GlenGrant. Since I didn't want him to be lonely, I asked Kelly if she could spare a wether to keep GG company until spring. So yesterday, Doughnut came for an extended visit. I was showing GG to Denise and Becca and without really trying hard they convinced me to go ahead and try him on the tunis ewes again. If he's successful, it means I'll be lambing in May, which is later than I like, but I would really like to get some tunis mules on the ground and see how they do. So once the other four sheep were loaded on the trailer, I let GG in with the tunis ewes, who promptly did everything they could to run away from him--this after clearly having been flirting with all the rams from their side of the fence for the past week or so, fickle girls. Poor little Doughnut looks like the odd man out (he'a a little hair sheep), but in another few weeks, GG will be grateful for his company.


Kelly said...

Doughnut says he promises not to go swimming if you promise to feed him! (From Tucker)

Julie Poudrier said...

Doughnut says to tell Tucker that he's getting corn twice a day and as much hay as he can eat! Not to mention that he gets to hang out with the "big boy."

Kelly said...

HA HA Doughnut might just be in heaven!! Corn 2x a day, he is never going to want to come home!