Thursday, July 21, 2011

What a Way to Resurrect!

Yes, it's been a year (or thereabouts) and I've been meaning to start posting again, but haven't gotten around to it. At least not till Laura forced my hand. So here we go!

So the question is this: "If you were a sheep, what breed would you be?"

To be honest, I've been thinking about this all day, and short of just saying something stupid, like "a sheeple," I'm a bit stumped. But I must come up with something!

So, I'll confine myself to sheep breeds I have owned, or at least worked with. That narrows it down a bit.

And the winner is: Scottish Blackface!

(That would be the two in the front.)

Yes, I admit that I got rid of mine because they truly were a pain in the patootie. But you have to admire their independent spirit. And the fact that there's a thin sheep under all that wool!

Here's what the OK State Sheep Breeds site says about the Scottish Blackface:

"The Scottish Blackface is an attractive, hardy, old breed whose origins are lost to us. It is likely that the breed developed in the border area of Scotland and England.

I can live with description, even the "old" part, since that's getting to be true too!

And it says this, too:
"There are small flocks scattered across the USA but this robust little breed has remained a minor breed."

So, we Scottish blackface are rare individuals, unique amongst the larger crowds of sheep in this country.

And lastly, this:
"The Scottish Blackface are excellent on brushy hillsides and can be useful for improving pastures. They are very adept at regaining condition after lambing or a hard winter."

I skipped the part about good mothers, blah, blah, blah, but I do think that I can improve a pasture if I try, and anyone who knows me knows I'm an easy keeper!

What I like about the breed is their independent streak. They know what they want, and they just go do it, no matter how irritating that might be to their human. That "mind of their own" trait can be exasperating, but it's what makes them survivors--in adversity, on bad forage, in harsh weather.

I aspire to be that sort of independent minded survivor type!