Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stream of consciousness TMT

So rather than Q&A this week I'd like to know whatever random tidbits you might have on your mind today.

In honor of Laura's request for random tidbits, I'm just going to post things as they pop into my head.

* Puppies who put holes in old dogs' heads, especially right over their eyes, might just have to have some sense knocked into them (though it seems said put-upon dogs are trying, to no avail).

* Why is it that when I offer my friends eggs because I'm being overrun with them that other people suddenly come out of the woodwork wanting to buy eggs? Is it some sort of cosmic "I only want it if someone else wants it" thing?

* I wonder if Chili Pepper is happy that I set her on a towel on the windowsill in my bedroom so she could enjoy the fresh air and watch the chickens, or if she's just too feeble to bother to get herself down (even though I left a little step stool there just for that purpose).

* It irks me to have to do many loads of laundry knowing that more rain is forecast for the morning and everything I cleaned (well, as clean is it can get in my less-than-stellar HE washing machine) will likely be muddied again.

* Kestrel can stand both ears up, so why doesn't she just leave them that way???

* I wonder how Willow really feels. I wonder the same thing about Jill.

* I wish ticks the world over would drop off the face of the earth. I figured out that the dogs are excavating the yard because we no longer take nice long walks in the woods. I miss those walks and I know the dogs do too. Not to mention that if I ever move from here, it will likely take several dump truck loads to fill the tiger pits in the back yard. Where does the dirt go?

* I have some set out jobs coming up and wonder how I'll afford the gas to get there and back home again.

* Why can't I have an endless supply of chocolate and never get fat from eating it all?

* Could someone please give me a lifetime supply of Cadbury mini eggs? Or even a week's supply (that amount would be relative, I suppose).

* If I'm really, really nice for an extended period of time, would the cosmos send me a decent, enjoyable job?

* I wish I could figure out a way to farm full time and still make a living.

* I wish for patience. Probably the rest of the world wishes for me to have patience too.

* Grow, grass, grow!

I could go on, but the other things that are on my mind mostly fall into the category of things unprintable!

Sadie says, "Don't be an ass!"

* Why, yes, if gum balls were a commodity, I'd be RICH!


Doniene said...

I'm so with you on the ticks - they are the bane of the earth!! My egg situation is the other way - when I had say 15 dozen in the refrigerator - I couldn't give them away!!! Then during the winter (cold weather you know - when chickens do lay as much especially all the old biddies), I had people calling and saYing "are your chickens laying yet"!! Go figure!!

Have a super fun weekend - I'm a little jealous - I would love to sit and pick you and Laura's brains - or maybe just be a squirrel in a tree and gather as many "nuts" as I can!!

Ta Ta!

Original_Wacky said...

Goodness, Sadie is ridiculously cute!

Rachel said...

I'm with ya on the Cadbury mini eggs...Brian found some at Christmas time...only they weren't called mini eggs but something else. At any rate, they were the same thing only red, green, and white candy shell. Yummo!!!